September 18 - 20, 2020

About HackChennai

What Is HackChennai

HackChennai, a student-led virtual hackathon, brought to you by SRM HackerEarth, the Official Campus Club of HackerEarth at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, is bound to drive your quarantine blues away! With innovative tracks based on the need of the hour, HackChennai implores all the aspiring strategists to share their vision with the community. The best part? HackChennai offers a golden chance to all the students, regardless of their college and city! So if you have a laptop, an internet connection, and a mind-blowing idea- smash that registration button!

Nobody's Perfect

And neither is coding. It can frustrate and intimidate. Yet, it is exhilarating and brings an unrivalled satisfaction. The question is, what distinguishes a good coder from the best ones? It's the drive. The drive to be better than the rest, the drive to take a deep breath, and continue even after the 19th compilation error. Show us that drive, show us the code, we'll take it; bugs and all. Join us at HackChennai and rise up to the challenge.

Why HackChennai

We'll leave all the fancy-schmancy words behind, and give straight-up facts. We're talking innovation and learning, under one roof. A roof under which participants can meet like-minded people who share their inquisitiveness, and make lasting relationships with probable future business associates. They get to compete under the renowned HackerEarth name and attract investors and organizations to kickstart their careers. Our independent student club further allows the participants to freely express themselves and exhibit their work.

How Much Does It Cost?

Let's talk bucks.

We understand "pocket-money". Which is why HackChennai is completely free of cost! So keep your pointers close and your semicolons closer, because this hackathon will blow away every 'BIT' of boredom. And don't worry, our prizes are much better than our puns.


  • Sustainable Development
    • People, Planet, Prosperity.
  • Women Safety
    • Equality, Opportunity, Empowerment.
  • Disaster Management
    • Predict, Prevent, Protect.
  • Healthcare
    • Treat, Medicate, Cure.
  • Open Innovation
    • Innovate, Create, Lead.

Can Students Attend?

This is a Virtual Hackathon, by the students and for the students. If you are a school or college going student, we would love to have you at HackChennai!


For the event schedule, visit https://www.hackchennai.in